Single-Cell Multiomics Solutions

The difference of seamless solutions for your single-cell multiomics research

Current State

Single-cell multiomics bridges the fields of immunology,
cell biology, and genomics

Method of the Year

Method of the Year

Single-cell multiomics was
named Method of the Year by Nature
in 2019

Diverse Applications

Diverse Applications

Infectious diseases
Cellular biology
Therapeutics and drug development

16,500 Publicatons


Number of publications
referencing single-cell multiomics in
Google Scholar


Scientists are increasingly trying to gain deeper insights from single cells to help develop effective drugs, vaccines, and therapies. In order to accomplish this, in-depth scientific knowledge combining multifaceted technologies—such as proteomics and genomics—have become essential to understanding cellular heterogeneity and behavior.

Need for high-dimensional data

Need for high-dimensional data

Learning curve for complex experiments

Learning curve for complex experiments

Long data-to-insights time

Long data-to-insights time

A New Approach



Interrogate biological samples at the single-cell level with robust compartmentalization of cells and an excellent recovery rate of protein and RNA.

Save on sequencing costs with upstream quality control features.

Gene Expression Assays


Discoveries can be broadened by an unbiased mRNA transcript capture, amplification and detection of whole transcriptome at a single-cell level.

Gain deeper insights into discovery by honing in on the gene targets.

Protein Expression


Simultaneous detection of protein and mRNA expression in a single experiment can enable high dimensional biology in one workflow.

Minimize experimental variations and streamline the workflow by combining and loading multiple samples in a single experimental set up.



Resolves the complexity of single-cell multiomics data with user friendly agile software tools. In-depth analysis of data can result in novel discoveries, confirm hypotheses, or develop compelling data sets for publications.

  1. Instruments
  2. Assays
  3. Protein
  4. Bioinformatics

Discover the solution for
single-cell isolation and mRNA capture


Get more out of your single-cell multiomics experiments

Easy Access to Deeper Insights

Easy access to deeper insights

The interrogation of single cells at both the level of the transcriptome and proteome provides abundant possibilities for deeper insights that lead to novel discoveries. Large-scale data generated via these tools lead to deeper insights into cellular function and their temporal behavior.

A One-workflow Advantage

The one workflow advantage

Simultaneous detection of protein and mRNA expression from single cells in a single experiment saves time, costs and enables faster time-to-discovery.

An expanded platform to meet customer needs

An expanded platform to meet customer needs

The ability to use technologies that range from flow cytometry, cell sorting, single-cell multiomics and data analysis is imperative in poising scientists at the helm of important and novel discoveries. Single source of support and technologies leads to a seamless workflow and faster progress in science.

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