Reagents for High Parameter Flow Cytometry

Broad portfolio of high-quality dyes and conjugates expand experimental design options

To power our BD FACSymphony? family of instruments to do high-parameter flow cytometry, we offer small scale conjugations between virtually any dye and any clone in our catalog. We also offer access to prototype dyes that are exclusive to BD, and we can conjugate our dyes to customer-provided materials.

BD’s broad portfolio of fluorochromes featuring the BD Horizon Brilliant™ dyes offers flexibility for experimental design. Leverage the principles of antigen density and relative fluorochrome brightness to optimally design your panel.

Format: Dried, Lyophilized, Liquid
Packaging: Vials
Minimum order size: 50 µg if BD materials, 2 mg if customer provided material

Prototype Dyes

Prototypes of BD Horizon Brilliant™ dyes (-P)

BD Life Sciences is committed to continuing to develop new BD Horizon Brilliant™ dyes across various laser lines to improve the spectral properties of dyes and minimize the need for compensation in higher-order panels.

These prototype (-P) dyes have reached initial quality specifications but may undergo additional development that could result in minor performance changes. Any significant changes to the structure of the dye to optimize performance will be appropriately communicated to customers.

Contact [email protected] for all your high parameter application needs.

305 Laser Line Graph 405 Laser Line Graph 488 Laser Line Graph
561 Laser Line Graph 640 Laser Line Graph

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