Custom Conjugates for Flow Cytometry

Custom Conjugates for Flow Cytometry

The BD catalog contains over 18,000 unique antibody-dye combinations for flow cytometry, including the BD Horizon Brilliant™ reagents. However, we know that your research sometimes requires a unique combination that is not readily available. The BD customs program can provide any conjugation you need within our portfolio of fluorescent dyes and antibodies, with all the same configurable specifications.

Are you developing your own antibodies in house or sourcing antibody content that BD does not have?
Send us your antibodies! BD Biosciences will conjugate your antibodies to our wide array of fluorochromes, including our BD Horizon Brilliant™ dyes.*

For a list of fluorochromes currently available for custom conjugation, visit our Multicolor Flow Cytometry page. Our team of experienced chemists can address any additional configuration or special requirements to deliver the specifications you need.

To inquire about bulk quantities of a catalog product or purified antibodies, email us at [email protected].

Once you have submitted a request, please allow up to two business days to receive a preliminary quotation. Production lead times and minimum order quantities are dependent on the reagent you choose.

Format: Dried, Lyophilized, Liquid
Packaging: Tubes, Vials
Minimum order size: 0.05 mg if BD materials, 2 mg if customer provided material

*Not all isotypes and antibodies will apply

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