Bulk Reagents


BD has an extensive selection of catalog products designed to support the research needs of scientists around the world. However, if you are running a multisite or longitudinal study, the vial sizes available from the catalog might not always be suitable. BD’s bulk reagent offering allows you to acquire the volume of high-quality reagents you need with all your required specifications.

Purified Antibodies
BD has over 2,000 distinct clones in various formats throughout our 18,000+ catalog products. Although not all these antibodies are available from the catalog in unconjugated form, we can provide purified antibodies with any buffer of your choice through the customs program.

To inquire about bulk quantities of a catalog product or purified antibodies, email us at [email protected].

Once you have submitted a request, please allow up to two business days to receive a preliminary quotation. Production lead times and minimum order quantities are dependent on the reagent you choose.

Format: Dried, Lyophilized, Liquid
Packaging: Customized packaging options
Minimum order size: Three times the offered size in the catalog

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