Transfusion and Transplantation

Tools for streamlined leucoreduction and stem cell transplantation

BD Leucocount™ in vitro diagnostic assays offer efficient alternatives to tedious and operator-dependent manual counting methods for enumerating residual white blood cells in blood products. BD™ Stem Cell Enumeration and BD Procount™ assays eliminate the need for a separate counting standard by combining flow cytometry with the precision of BD Trucount™ absolute enumeration technology, which includes predispensed reference beads that require minimal manipulation.

Leucoreduction Enumeration

About 75 million units of whole blood are collected from donors worldwide each year. On any given day, tens of thousands of units of blood are needed for accident victims, surgical patients, and patients with diseases such as a leukemia or sickle cell disease.

Typically, each unit of whole blood is separated into multiple components: red blood cells, plasma, and platelets. The presence of leucocytes (white blood cells) in blood and platelet products has been shown to be associated with an increased incidence of transfusion reactions in patients receiving blood products.

Leucoreduction, removing leucocytes, requires a process to evaluate the amount of residual leucocytes remaining in a blood product, and flow cytometry is a preferred method for this evaluation. The BD Leucocount™ assay is a flow cytometric method for counting residual leucocytes in blood products that are processed for transfusion.

Stem cell transplantation with cell selection is performed after high-dose chemotherapy (HDC) in an effort to restore a cancer patient’s blood and immune cell production capacity, which is destroyed in this aggressive form of cancer treatment. Improvements in transplantation techniques, including the wider use of cell selection, have also contributed to a significant reduction in the morbidity and mortality associated with conventional transplantation. As a result, HDC with transplantation has grown at an average annual rate of 21% over the past 10 years. HDC with transplant is now standard therapy in multiple myeloma, acute myeloid leukemia in first remission, and intermediate-grade non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

BD Stem Cell Enumeration Kit

The BD™ Stem Cell Enumeration Kit offers a single tube, single platform assay for accurate, reproducible and rapid enumeration of CD34+ hematopoietic and progenitor cells in line with ISHAGE-based protocol guidelines. The kit works with a wide range of stem cell specimens including normal and mobilized peripheral blood, fresh and post-thaw apheresis products, fresh and post-thaw cord blood, fresh and post-thaw bone marrow samples. The kit includes BD Trucount™ technology to improve test accuracy, eliminating the need for manual pipetting of counting beads. The kit uses one test tube per sample and does not require an isotype control, improving operational efficiency.

BD Procount Progenitor Cell Enumeration Kit

The BD Procount™ Progenitor Cell Enumeration kit is a two-tube assay to identify and enumerate absolute counts and percentages of CD34+ cells in human normal and mobilized peripheral blood samples and leukapheresis samples using flow cytometry. The kit includes the BD Trucount technology to improve test accuracy and eliminate manual pipetting of counting beads. The CD34 reagent contains nucleic acid dye for DNA and RNA staining of all nucleated cells and CD34 PE-labeled monoclonal antibody. The kit also includes an isotype control reagent. The BD Procount™ software runs on the BD FACSCalibur™ and allows both automated CD34+ analysis or ISHAGE-type manual analysis using sequential gating.

Reagents Instruments

BD Leucocount? setup acquisition

BD Leucocount sample staining and acquisition

BD Procount? laboratory report

Enumeration of CD34+ haematopoietic stem cells

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