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Sales and order support information

BD Biosciences offers a variety of ways for you to place and track orders, so you can find a solution that works with your purchasing process. Our highly skilled order support group can help you choose the right instruments, reagents, and supplies that best meet your needs.

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Our online store provides a robust shopping experience with powerful search tools and resources.

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Online order inquires

For online orders sign in to or contact Ask BD.


  • Institutional pricing
    Create a purchasing account or sign in to automatically see all products listed with any institutional discounts you have in place.
  • Shopping lists
    Multiple, shareable shopping lists make it easy to place orders, share lists with colleagues, or send lists to whomever purchases on your behalf.
  • Online promotions
    Shop online to take advantage of special offers exclusive to our online store.
  • Mobile friendly
    Our site is fully optimized for smartphones so you can access product information, find resources, place orders, and check order status on the go.
  • Order history
    Your full order history is available online, including orders placed offline, so you can easily check shipping status or reorder items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating and managing your account

How do I register online?

Use the Create an Account link and enter your contact information, and shipping and billing addresses, to register for an online account. Your information will be reviewed to create a new account or link your online login to an existing account. If applicable, your institutional pricing will be applied to your account and calculated for each order. You can place credit card orders until your purchasing account is approved. However, your shopping cart will display list prices.

How long does it take to have my online account approved?

It takes approximately 72 hours for new online accounts to be approved. If you are placing a credit card order (Visa?, MasterCard?, American Express?), you can register and place your order immediately. If you have not previously purchased from BD and would like to order by purchase order, you will be asked to complete a credit application. This will be emailed after you register for an online account.

What is the difference between a Shopping Account and a Purchasing Account?

Shopping Accounts let individuals without purchasing authority create, share, and save Shopping Lists with colleagues and authorized purchasers.

Purchasing Accounts let individuals create Shopping Lists, buy products, view product availability, track current orders, and view order history. Purchasing Accounts apply institutional pricing on orders.

How do I change my contact information?

Go to the Account Information section on the My Account pages to change your contact information.

I forgot my password, what now?

Use the Reset Password link to obtain a new password. The new password will be emailed to you. After you log in, go to the Sign-in Options section of the My Account page to change your password.

What if I forgot my username?

The user name is your email address.

Can I make changes to existing billing and shipping addresses?

You can manage your billing and shipping addresses through the Shipping & Billing section on the My Account page. New address additions will be reviewed by BD. The new address will display as pending in the Shipping & Billing section of your My Account page. Once approved, orders can be placed with new addresses.

Placing your order

How can I place an online order?

Whenever the cart icon is displayed, a click adds one unit of the product to your Shopping Cart. Once items are placed in the cart, quantities can be updated, items can be added to a Shopping List, deleted, or new items can be added. Items in the Shopping Cart automatically reflect your institutional pricing.

How can I view product prices?

List prices are available through the online catalog. If you have an approved Purchasing Account, you can see your institutional prices after login.

How do I know when a product is available to be shipped?

The estimated arrival date of a product is displayed when the product is placed in the Shopping Cart. Once the order is placed, the confirmed arrival date is sent via email. This information also is available in the Order History section of the My Account page.

What forms of payment are accepted??

Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and purchase orders are accepted upon approved credit. Accounts that place online orders using a purchase order number will receive an invoice.

How do I complete my order?

To complete your order, select the method of payment, the shipping address, and confirm the order. After the order is submitted, a link to a printable confirmation page is presented that includes your order number. You will also receive an email confirmation with this information.

Can I send my order to the attention of another person at my institution?

By default, your user ID is saved as the contact person for orders. You can change the contact person for an order by simply editing the field when you place your order. The contact person is listed on the delivery slip and invoice.

What is the purpose of the Quick Shop feature?

The Quick Shop feature lets you easily add several items to the cart using the catalog number and specifying the desired quantity.

How can I track my orders?

You can review and track orders from the Order History section on the My Account page. This section includes online orders, as well as orders placed by email, phone, or fax. Orders are searchable by order status, location, order number, and PO number. You can also search by catalog number or item name to make it easy to locate an order.

Selecting an order allows you to review the payment method, shipping and billing addresses, delivery method, ordered items, and their status. After an order has been shipped, you can download the invoice.

How do I obtain a copy of my invoice?

Copies of invoices can be obtained through the Order History section on the My Account pages.

Where can I find terms and conditions of sale?

A link to the Terms and Conditions of Sale can be found on the order review pages.

Where can I find Quality Certificates (Certificates of Analysis or CoA)?

CoA documents can be found at

Creating and sharing shopping lists

How can I create a Shopping List?

Saving a Shopping List makes it easy to share the list with others, and speeds reordering. You can create a Shopping List from the Shopping Cart, the Quick View feature, and the Product Details pages. Your saved Shopping Lists can be managed through the Shopping List section on the My Account pages.

Where can I find my saved Shopping Lists?

On the My Account page, you’ll find saved Shopping Lists in the Shopping List overview. You can rename, add, or remove items from your saved Shopping Lists from this area.

How can I share a Shopping List?

You can email a saved Shopping List from the Shopping List overview on the My Account page. When a Shopping List is shared with a registered user, it will be automatically loaded to their Shopping List overview.

Our eProcurement options work with your systems and processes to ensure orders are placed within your institutional guidelines.

Flexible buying options with procurement controls

  • Operational efficiencies
    Institutions today are striving to lower costs and gain operational efficiencies using eProcurement systems. These efficiencies include reducing time, touch points, and order errors.
  • Order aggregation
    In addition to reducing the cost per order, further cost reductions are achieved by aggregating order volume for increased discounts, enforcing institutional pricing, and enabling visibility into institutional spend by supplier.
  • Connectivity
    BD Biosciences offers a full range of services for eProcurement connectivity. These include direct linkages between eProcurement systems and BD Biosciences using punchout, marketplace portals, hosted eCatalogs, and electronic orders.
  • Online store
    In addition to these methods, the BD Biosciences eCommerce website offers a rich online buying experience—featuring fast and easy account setup, visibility to your institutional discounts, and support for a variety of payment methods.

Regardless of the electronic purchasing method you choose or currently support, BD Biosciences has deep technical knowledge to support your purchasing process. Our dedicated team of technology professionals is ready to support your institution when you need us.

Learn more about BD Biosciences' eProcurement options:

Electronic orders

Electronic orders directly link your eProcurement system with BD Biosciences ordering system through a secured connection. This method reduces errors introduced via manual processing. Electronic order procesing supports purchase order and credit card payments (PCI compliant).

Setup requires involvement from your internal information technology staff and enables authorized purchasers to:

  • Connect directly with your eProcurement system
  • Transmit orders via secure connection

Online marketplace portals

Marketplace portals streamline all or part of the ordering process by enabling purchasers to shop from a static catalog directly from your eProcurement system. This method offers an efficient approval process and purchasing control. To maintain a relatively up-to-date product listing, electronic catalogs are periodically updated, and must be accepted by your organization.

Marketplace portals enable authorized purchasers to:

  • Connect directly with your eProcurement system
  • Transmit orders via secure connection
  • Browse and search catalogs to find products of interest and place orders
  • View institutional pricing

eProcurement punchout

Punchout automates ordering directly from your internal eProcurement system while delivering a modern shopping experience. This method lets authorized purchasers access the BD Biosciences website securely to obtain institutional pricing and up-to-date product availability. Authorized users also have the full experience of shopping on the BD Biosciences website including up-to-date product catalog and scientific product information.

The eProcurement punchout solution enables authorized purchasers to:

  • Connect directly with your procurement system
  • Transmit orders via secure connection
  • Browse the BD Biosciences website for information and add products directly to their shopping cart for an enhanced shopping experience
  • View institutional pricing and product availability

How punchout works

The punchout solution offered by BD Biosciences lets authorized purchasers browse products and information on the BD Biosciences website from your procurement system; no additional login is required. When a product is selected and added to the shopping cart, your institutional pricing and any online discounts are applied. Then, the shopping cart information is transmitted from the website to your eProcurement system and standard procurement workflow. After the order is approved, it is forwarded to BD Biosciences for fulfillment. Invoices can also be generated and transmitted electronically.

The punchout process is seamless and transparent to your internal authorized puchasers. Transactions flow smoothly and securely while maintaining visibility to orders and invoices.

Seamless integration with your eProcurement systems

The punchout solution is easy to implement and use. The full solution is scalable and cost-effective to own and maintain. Seamless integration with your online ordering through marketplace solutions such as Ariba?, SciQuest?, and Oracle? is also enabled.

Multiple message formats and transaction protocols are supported. Supported systems include:

  • Ariba
  • OB10
  • Oracle
  • Peoplesoft?
  • SciQuest
  • SAP?
  • and more

Direct institutional buying via the BD Biosciences website

In addition to various eProcurement methods, BD Biosciences offers a leading eCommerce website that allows customers to browse rich product information, view institutional pricing, and place orders.

Account setup is easy, and once established, can be leveraged across an institution. BD Biosciences customers who currently purchase via telephone or other offline methods may be eligible for additional discounts for products purchased online only.

For instrument orders, your BD Biosciences Sales Representative will help you choose the instrument and options that best meet your needs. For reagents and supplies, a Customer Service Representative will help you select products and generate and confirm orders, and will direct you to the right BD resource for assistance with technical questions.

Offline order inquires

Visit our Support page for your regional sales and ordering contacts.

Email: [email protected]

What to Include on a Purchase Order

For the most efficient order processing, please include the following information on your purchase order or correspondence:

  1. Purchase order number
  2. Shipping address
  3. Billing address
  4. Catalog number and description
  5. Quantity and size required
  6. Name and phone number of purchasing agent
  7. Name and phone number of end user
  8. Quotation number (if applicable)
  9. Vendor name (Becton Dickinson and Company)
  10. Vendor address:
    Becton Dickinson and Company
    2350 Qume Drive
    San Jose, CA 95131
    or the remit to address located on the top right portion of your invoice
  11. Signature of authorized representative and date
  12. Standard payment terms are net 30 days

Technical support information

Combining years of collective knowledge with diverse research and clinical laboratory experience, BD Biosciences application and field service teams provide timely, professional application and instrument support. They can address issues related to instruments, software, and reagents across a broad range of applications.

Experts can be dispatched to your site when needed for periodic preventative maintenance or onsite scientific support.

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Training information

BD Biosciences offers training for instruments, software, and applications.

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See our training page for course information and details about the learning types availabble.

If you need assistance, contact [email protected] or call 877.232.8995, prompt 5.

Get instructions on finding your cytometer's serial number.

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