BD OptiBuild? Reagents

BD OptiBuild™ custom reagents offer more fluorochrome options with the antibodies you need. Whether you want to minimize compensation or add new markers to complex experiments, BD OptiBuild reagents provide flexibility to evaluate new colors and simplify your panel design.

Unlike traditional large scale, expensive custom conjugates, these reagents come in convenient 50-µg vials and can be ordered the same way as any catalog reagent. Your products are made on demand, and usually ship in less than 72 hours.*


Sample Data

The on-demand nature of BD OptiBuild™ reagents is the result of years of testing and analysis. We can offer robust reagents that provide a valuable alternative to traditional reagents. The sample data below tells a story of the journey to expanding our portfolio of reagents to simplify panel design.

Panel design is critically important to generating high-quality data. Principles of panel design dictate the optimal matching of antigen density with fluorochrome brightness, yet at least one required reagent is unavailable for approximately 20% of panels designed today. Access to the right reagents can improve resolution and data quality, ultimately leading to deeper scientific insights through your research.

Expanding options for multicolor panels

BD OptiBuild reagents provide choice, so that you have multiple options for your markers of interest. BD OptiBuild and BD Horizon™ reagents complement each other so that you can optimize your panel with a reliable reagent in the color you need.

CD21 fluorescence on multiple formats of BD Horizon Brilliant and BD OptiBuild reagents

CD11b fluorescence on multiple formats of BD Horizon Brilliant and BD OptiBuild reagents

KLRG1 fluorescence on multiple formats of BD Horizon Brilliant and BD OptiBuild reagents

BD Horizon? BB700: A brighter alternative to PerCP-Cy?5.5

The BD OptiBuild™ portfolio now includes BD Horizon Brilliant™ Blue 700. BB700 was developed as a brighter alternative to PerCP-Cy™5.5.

Human CD166 Comparison

Human CD23 Comparison

Mouse CD162 Comparison

Mouse CD38 Comparison

Panel design considerations

Reagent choice brings flexibility to your research, but it’s important to keep in mind the BD Horizon principles of matching antigen density with fluorochrome brightness to design optimized panels. Depending on your applications and research goals, some dyes might resolve your populations better than others. The Research Applications team

CD21 expression on multiple formats of BD Horizon Brilliant and BD OptiBuild reagents

BD OptiBuild, BD Horizon Brilliant? comparisons

Although BD OptiBuild reagents differ from the way our traditional reagents are manufactured and quality control tested, these reagents maintain the high performance and quality standards of the BD Horizon Brilliant™ dyes.

Mouse CD25 direct comparison

Mouse CD31 direct comparison

Mouse CD184 direct comparison

Human CD28 direct comparison

Human CD14 direct comparison

Human CD33 direct comparison

Human CD4 BB700 direct comparison

Human CD4 BV480 Comparison

BD OptiBuild performance in multicolor panels

BD OptiBuild reagents can be used to redesign or expand upon existing panels that have various combinations of fluorochromes and antibodies. BD OptiBuild reagents have been extensively tested in multicolor cocktails to demonstrate reproducible results compared to traditional reagents.

Human 8-color T-cell panel direct comparison with and without BD OptiBuild reagents

Optimized multicolor panel designed with BD OptiBuild reagents

Lot-to-lot consistency

BD OptiBuild reagents are made on demand, which means that every reagent vial is equivalent to a new batch. We know that consistent performance is of the utmost importance for the reliability of research results, so the manufacturing process was also extensively tested for lot-to-lot consistency.

Overlapping histograms of six lots of Ms CD8a BV421 at three concentrations

The data above shows multiple conjugation events using the same batches of dye and antibody, demonstrating highly reproducible performance. We also assessed the impact of other potential sources of variability by using different batches of dye and antibody. These reagents will continually perform with minimal lot-to-lot variation so that you can be confident in your results in a multisite or longitudinal study.

Three overlapping histograms of mouse CD8a BV786

Three overlapping histograms of human CD4 BV421

Three overlapping histograms of mouse CD28 BV650

Three overlapping histograms of human CD4 BB700

Three overlapping histograms of human CD4 BUV395

Three overlapping histograms of mouse CD8a BV480

Three overlapping histograms of mouse CD28 BV510

Three overlapping histograms of human CD19 BV605

Three overlapping histograms of mouse CD28 BV650

Three overlapping histograms of human CD4 BV711

Three overlapping histograms of mouse CD8a BV786

Leveraging the principles of antigen density and relative fluorochrome brightness, BD OptiBuild reagents have been carefully selected to ensure that they can be readily integrated into your ongoing research. The manufacturing process was rigorously validated to ensure that every conjugation produces an active and specific reagent. As with any custom product, there is a minimal possibility that certain permutations do not perform optimally for biological reasons. If you encounter any issues with the performance of these reagents, please contact our Research Applications team

* BD OptiBuild data on these clone/format combinations is shown for comparative purposes only, and they are not available for sale. There is no overlap between the BD Horizon and BD OptiBuild catalogs.

Future of BD OptiBuild Reagents

We have introduced over 4,500 BD OptiBuild™ reagents featuring the BD Horizon Brilliant™ dye family… But we’re just getting started! Our goal is to provide you with the largest selection of reagents so you do not have to make difficult tradeoffs in panel design that adversely affect your research goals.

OptiBuild Additions - DiagramOur near-term focus will be on expanding the portfolio to more cell surface antibodies and more BD Horizon Brilliant dyes. The BD OptiBuild portfolio will also grow through the immediate availability of reagents when new antibodies and new dyes are introduced.

Want to stay up to date on what’s next? Be sure to check back again soon for new reagents to be added to the BD OptiBuild family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was my reagent not shipped with a TDS?

In an effort to minimize our environmental footprint, we opted not to include a hard copy of the technical data sheet (TDS) in BD OptiBuild™ products. A printable version of the TDS is available for every BD OptiBuild reagent on the product details page, or just use the Ctrl+P function.

When will my order be ready to ship?

Your reagents are made once you place an order, and usually ship within 3 days in the US. If more than 10 vials of an individual sku are ordered, it may take longer than 3 days to fulfill the order.

Have all BD OptiBuild reagents been tested in a flow cytometry experiment? Is there data available to review? 

Thousands of reagents were tested in flow cytometry experiments and evaluated during the development of the BD OptiBuild portfolio to ensure performance and quality. However, not every reagent batch will be tested before shipment. If you encounter any issues with reagent performance, contact our Research Applications team. The team can provide any available data and discuss it with you to help resolve your issue.

Can I cancel my BD OptiBuild order once it has been placed?

Placing an order instantly activates the on-demand production of your reagent. Orders cannot be canceled once the production begins. If you have any issues with order placement, please contact customer service.

Does BD recommend an optimal concentration for BD OptiBuild reagents?

We recommend titrating the reagent in the test setting you will be using to determine the optimal staining concentration for the specific application. We have established testing regimens to validate consistent performance, but since every reagent lot is not tested in flow, optimal concentrations will not be recommended for all reagents. Please contact Research Applications for available information and titration recommendations.

Do I still need to use BD Horizon™ Brilliant Stain Buffer?

Whenever you use two or more BD Horizon Brilliant™ dyes (multiple BD OptiBuild or in combination with other BD Horizon Brilliant reagents) we recommend the use of Brilliant Stain Buffer.

I don’t see BD OptiBuild isotype controls. What should I use?

Existing BD Horizon™ isotype controls are ideal for use with BD OptiBuild reagents. The existing isotype controls were evaluated during development and found to perform effectively with all reagents.

Are BD OptiBuild reagents available for other types of dyes?

Currently BD OptiBuild reagents include BV421, BV480, BV510, BV605, BV650, BV711, BV786, BB700 and BUV395. But we’re just getting started! Visit the Future of BD OptiBuild tab for more details on future dye releases into the BD OptiBuild family.

Can I request >50µg of the same lot?

Each 50µg vial is an unique lot number. If you would like >50µg of the same lot, please contact [email protected].

The product notice says there is free dye in these reagents. Will that affect the performance?

Known adverse effects of free dye have been evaluated and extensively tested in BD OptiBuild reagents, including in multicolor experiments, and have not been witnessed to any extent.

Will BD OptiBuild reagents be available for other cell surface markers?

We’re just getting started with BD OptiBuild reagents! We have added over 700 cell surface markers to the BD OptiBuild family and will add more as they become available. Check out the Future of BD OptiBuild tab to find out more information about what’s next.

Are BD OptiBuild reagents available for intracellular markers?

Currently, intracellular markers will not be part of the BD OptiBuild reagent portfolio.

Why are some antibody-dye options not available?

During our development process, we identified certain antibody-dye combinations that might not perform optimally. These combinations will not be included in the portfolio as BD OptiBuild reagents. If there is interest in a particular combination, please contact our customs group at [email protected].

I see a BD Horizon Brilliant™ reagent online but I would like to purchase the BD OptiBuild version. How can I order that?

BD OptiBuild reagents feature new antibody-dye combinations that are not currently available. As a result, the BD OptiBuild portfolio will not include any permutations that already exist in the BD catalog. 

Can BD OptiBuild reagents be used for imaging?

BD OptiBuild reagents have not been tested for use in imaging. However, we have performed limited image testing on frozen mouse spleen sections and have demonstrated initial feasibility.

What buffers are recommended for staining my cells with BD OptiBuild reagents?

BD OptiBuild reagents do not require any additional considerations that are not already taken into account when determining buffers and protocols for traditional research reagents. Standard staining buffers such as BD Pharmingen™ Brilliant Stain Buffer BSA or BD Pharmingen™ Brilliant Stain Buffer FBS are recommended for use with BD OptiBuild products.

Can BD OptiBuild reagents be used with BD fix/perm buffers?

Yes, BD OptiBuild reagents are compatible with standard fix/perm buffers recommended by BD.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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