Custom BD? AbSeq Reagents

The BD Biosciences catalog contains over 450 BD? AbSeq conjugates human and mouse specificities suited for your research. However, we know that your research is unique and needs specialized reagents. The BD customs program can provide readily any conjugate you need within our portfolio of AbSeq eligible antibodies.*

Are you developing your own antibodies in house or sourcing antibody content that BD does not have? Send us your antibodies! BD Biosciences will conjugate and convert your antibodies to AbSeq antibodies ready for your experiments. Our team of experienced personnel are ready to address any additional or special requirements to deliver the specifications you need.

For further enquiries about customs BD? AbSeq Conjugations, submit your request below or email us at Ask BD Biosciences.

Format: Liquid
Packaging: Vials
Minimum order size: 25 tests

Frequently Asked Questions

BD? AbSeq Custom Antibodies: AbSeq Custom Conjugation Service

Placing a BD? AbSeq Custom Conjugation Order

How do I order BD? AbSeq Custom Antibodies?

Please contact Ask BD Biosciences for all inquiries and requests for BD? AbSeq Custom Conjugations. Below, is an order form to be completed with the custom conjugation request.

AbSeq Custom Reagent Request Form

What custom antibody-oligonucleotide conjugation services are currently offered by BD?

BD Biosciences offers the small-scale custom conjugation of an AbSeq qualified oligonucleotide barcode to either antibodies provided by customers or BD antibody clones not currently commercialized in the AbSeq portfolio.

Is there a minimum amount of antibody or specific material requirements that must be met for the conjugation service?

We recommend that customers provide at least 0.4 mg of antibody at a concentration of greater than or equal to 2.0 mg/mL. This is the minimum required amount for our validated BD? AbSeq Custom Conjugation production process. Please note the material provided must be free of BSA and any other carrier proteins.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of custom reagents required per order?

There is no minimum or limit to the number of conjugates requested per order.

What is the expected yield for the customer-provided antibody BD? AbSeq Custom Conjugation?

We cannot guarantee the yield; however, historically it is between 40–50% of the starting amount.

Can I order a BD antibody for AbSeq Custom Conjugation that is not currently included in the AbSeq product line?

Yes, requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis assessing technical compatibility. BD? AbSeq Custom Conjugation materials are offered at an optimal concentration, with 25 x 2 µL tests per vial. The optimal concentration is derived from titration analysis via flow cytometry using a fluorochrome labeled format of the antibody.

Can I order a BD intracellular antibody or provide an intracellular antibody for BD? AbSeq Custom Conjugation?

We have not fully tested and validated the performance of intracellular markers in the AbSeq workflow, therefore do not currently support AbSeq Antibodies against intracellular targets. However, if a customer still wishes to procure an intracellular antibody in AbSeq format, we are happy to support this request via our Customs Conjugation team on a case-by-case basis. Fulfillment of such requests requires acknowledgement of above risks from the requesting customer. We currently do not offer any technical support for Intracellular AbSeq workflow. 

What is the lead time for BD? AbSeq Custom Conjugations?

Lead times are typically 4 weeks. We will communicate approximate lead times when the quote is made, as well as provide follow up communication regarding expected dates of delivery.

What formulation will the BD? AbSeq Custom Antibody Conjugates be delivered in?

BD will provide the entire yield of the custom conjugation for customer provided material at a standard concentration of 0.5 mg/mL. If the material is from a BD clone it will be provided at a 25 test size. The suggested working concentration is 2.0 µl/test reaction. An alternative formulation can be provided upon request from the customer.

Can I specify the oligo sequence conjugated to an antibody in a customs order?

BD? AbSeq oligonucleotide barcodes are quality controlled and validated to ensure optimal performance and compatibility. At this time, we cannot accommodate specific AbSeq barcode pairing. For customer-provided materials, assigned oligonucleotide barcodes are unique to each customer incorporated into BD bioinformatics tools for seamless analysis. 

Can I design the sequence for the oligonucleotide label tag for BD to use?

BD? AbSeq oligonucleotide barcodes are quality controlled and validated to ensure optimal performance and compatibility. All AbSeq barcodes are incorporated into BD bioinformatics tools for seamless analysis. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer custom conjugation service for alternative oligonucleotide sequences.

How can I get the oligo sequence information for my custom AbSeq antibody?

The sequence barcode belonging to each antibody will be noted in the product information sheet. In addition to being provided with a reference file used in downstream analysis.

Quality Control

What quality control is done for the custom BD? AbSeq Conjugates?

Every batch of oligonucleotides used in antibody labeling undergo next-generation sequencing analysis to ensure the sequence, quality and purity. BD? AbSeq Custom Antibodies are subjected to the same in-process testing for conjugation efficiency as the made to stock BD? AbSeq Reagents. Our proprietary production process has undergone stringent validation procedures and has been used in our entire portfolio of AbSeq products. This gives us confidence in our ability to successfully conjugate a wide variety of antibodies to oligonucleotides with consistent performance characteristics.

Will additional quality control tools be provided to test the custom reagents?

If the customer wishes to perform their own QC experiment, we can provide the protocol document titled “Flow Cytometry Analysis of BD? AbSeq Ab-Oligo and Sample Tag Expression Protocol” for testing of Ab-oligos on cells.

Flow Cytometry Analysis of BD? AbSeq Ab-Oligo and Sample Tag Expression Protocol

Additional Support

Can these custom reagents be used on single-cell platforms other than the BD Rhapsody Single-Cell Analysis System?

Use of BD? AbSeq Custom Antibodies on other single-cell platforms is not currently supported and BD makes no guarantees for the performance on other systems.

Does BD provide a reference file for AbSeq Custom Oligos?

There is a reference file available to customers for AbSeq Custom Oligos, which can be found at:

We recommend that customers extract the header names and barcodes from this file that they actually used in the experiment and create a new FASTA file for their particular experiment. Custom customers may also want to add an identifying name to the header line (>) to include the specificity they have had conjugated to the oligo so the identifier will generate in the output files of the pipeline. Please be advised that there should not be a blank space separating the identifier from the oligo ID.

Does BD offer applications support for BD? AbSeq Custom Antibodies?

For BD? AbSeq applications support call or email:
Phone 1-(877) 232 8995, option 2, option 2
Email: [email protected]

Does BD offer informatics support?

For informatics support, please contact the BD single-cell multi-omics application support group:
Phone: 1-(877) 232 8995, option 2, option 2
Email: [email protected]

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