Cell and Tissue Microscopy

Fluorescent immunocytochemistry (ICC) and immunohistochemistry (IHC) are indispensable tools in life science research. In addition to providing anatomical information on a subcellular level, scientists gain essential functional information from individual cells and their interaction with neighboring cells.

BD Biosciences offers high-quality tools for fluorescent imaging, which include a comprehensive portfolio of monoclonal antibodies, fluorescent dyes and second step reagents, buffers, and protocols.

BD Biosciences fluorescent dyes for imaging applications build on our experience in fluorescent imaging and use the polymer dye technology acquired from Sirigen Ltd. The exceptional brightness of our fluorophores enables better sensitivity. The unique spectra allow for easier multiplexing.


Multicolor fluorescence immunohistochemistry staining of mouse spleen tissue

Multicolor fluorescence immunohistochemistry staining of mouse spleen tissue


Multicolor immunocytochemistry using BD Horizon? BV480

Multicolor immunofluorescence staining of human U-2 OS cells

Multicolor immunofluorescence staining of human Hela cells

Stem Cell

Multicolor immunofluorescence staining of human embryonic stem cells

Compatibility of BD Horizon BV480 with BD Horizon? BV421 for immunofluorescence imaging

Fluorophore Characteristics

Spectral analysis

BD Horizon BV480 spillover into DAPI and Alexa Fluor? 488 channels is minimal

Photostability of BV dyes

Very bright immunohistochemistry using BD Horizon? BV480

Simple filter configuration for standard epifluorescence microscopy with 5 channels

Determining Your Optical Configuration

Answer the questions below to determine the correct configuration for your fluorescence microscope when adopting BD Horizon Brilliant™ imaging fluorophores.


1What kind of microscope are you imaging on?

EpifluorescenceLaser Confocal

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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